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About Etamid

Etamid is a marketing company that helps businesses grow by providing them with the right marketing strategies and tools to reach their target audience and increase their sales. Boost your business growth with Etamid.

Our Services

Everything your business needs to attract, engage and convert.


Planning, implementing and evaluating the actions that your business takes to achieve your goals.

Paid Advertising

Using platforms to promote your content to your target audience like search engine ads, social media ads, and display ads.

Organic marketing

Using latest tactics for owned/earned media to improve your customer loyaly, brand awareness and sales.


Creating creative visuals for your brand, website, and social media to impress your audience and boost your online presence.

Brand Identity

Crafting the personality, values and vision that make your brand unique and memorable.

Marketing Audit

Examining and evaluating your business marketing activities and strategies to identify areas of improvements and maximize growth potential.

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